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Tokyo Milk Sun Kissed No. 108 Mix and Match Perfume
  Everything you want; nothing you'd expect. Two parts irresistible fragrance, one p..
Tokyo Milk Let Them Eat Cake Lip Balm
The sweetest lips await. Our luxurious formula will keep your lips soft and kissable. French ..
Tokyo Milk Iced Green Tea Lip Balm
The sweetest lips await. Candied lemon imparts a hint of sweetness upon delicate mountain gre..
Tokyo Milk Rosewater Lip Balm
The sweetest lips await. Sugared rose petals dance with fresh apple blossoms in our decad..
Tokyo Milk Candied Violette Lip Balm
The sweetest lips await. Sugared violette leaves, crushed nectarines and honeycrisp apple..
Tokyo Milk Opera Mint Lip Balm
The sweetest lips await. A blend of refreshing peppermint, creamy tahitian vanilla and rich p..
Tokyo Milk Sweet Cream Lip Balm
The sweetest lips await. Frost your thirsty lips with a decadent blend of vanilla bean, spun ..
Tokyo Milk Honey Blossom Lip Balm
The sweetest lips await. Sweet clover honey and decadent poppy nectar sweeten your lips for a..
West Third Brand Tonic: Tobacco 1812
Sweet dried tobacco leaf, aromatic spices & rich honey muddled with cocoa, Tonka Bean, tobacc..
West Third Brand Tonic: Ambre Notti
Ancient amber embraced with patchouli, vanilla, ginger, white musk, & Tonka Bean undercurrent..
West Third Brand Tonic: Marché de Tabac
Tobacco absolute muddled with anise, orange, cedar & sandalwood hints of leather, clove and m..
West Third Brand Tonic: Sandalo Tuberosa
Dark tuberose essence infused with orrisroot, sandalwood, smoky patchouli & Vetiver. Made..
Voluspa Jasmine Brown Sugar Eau de Parfum
  Fragrance: Jasmine absolute, warm brown sugar, pink freesia, Madagascar vanilla and in..
Voluspa Cocoa Tamarind Eau de Parfum
Fragrance:  Cocoa, Mexican Tamarind, Sweet Orange, Gardenia, Clove Bud, and Vanilla Musk.&nb..
West Third Brand Tonic: Violetta Novella
Homage to Napoleon: Sweet violets, iris noir & narcissus, infused with aromatic notes of l..
Maritime Soap
  We are proud to offer these handcrafted authentic soaps in the style of fine 18t..